Viva Florida 500 Hopes to Showcase Our Area's Rich History

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Florida's history doesn't start in Tallahasee, but the capital city area played a vital role when Spain's Ponce De Leon arrived in 1513. Tourism officials are hoping to show off the rich history of the area to tie in with the Viva Florida 500 campaign.

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"It's kind of a gift of history for us. It's what we can do to showcase what we have here from the Spanish Colonial period all the way up to modern times," said Leon County Tourism and Development's Gary Stogner.

The Museum of Florida History features the sights and sounds of when settlers first encountered Indian tribes. History buffs can also check out where Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto set up camp in 1539. The site features holiday ties as well, as historians say that perhaps the first North American Christmas took place there.

"It probably wasn't a very "merry" Christmas, because they were under constant attack from the Apalachee who's town they had occupied and who's territory they were invading. It probably wouldn't have been a celebration, although they probably would have commemorated it," said archaeologist Daniel Seinfeld.

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