Residents Voice Concerns About Sequester

By: Lanetra Bennett
February 28, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The fact that congress has not been able to do anything to stop the sequester has many resident in our area not too pleased with federal lawmakers.

The closer we've been getting to the sequester deadline, the madder some people have been getting.

One Tallahassee resident says, "They don't even try. They don't even think about the little person. No more comment. I get mad, I get mad."

That man's wife, Sharon Brock, had no problem speaking her mind. She says, "I am so mad at Washington. They are such ivory tower, insulated from the real world that they are just going to hurt so many people with their foolishness and I'm tried of it."

A Washington Post poll says just one in four Americans are following very closely the debate over automatic spending cuts known as sequester.

Many in our area who have been paying attention to it say they're not happy with how Congress has been dealing with it.

Juan Valdes is visiting from Nevada. He says, "I think our Congress people are being cowardly, and showing us that they really have no interest of cutting anything. It only represents 2.4 percent of the total and I think it's absolutely ridiculous that they're having trouble identifying two points of four percent worth of reductions."

The White House estimates that Florida will lose about $54.5 million in funding for primary and secondary education; $28.6 million in Georgia.

$1.8 million in funds to help upgrade Florida's ability to respond to public health threats; $925,000 for Georgia.

The report says Florida will lose about $970,000 in grant support for law enforcement, and Georgia to lose $427,000.

Tallahassee resident Mary O'Neal says, "All of those issues are really important to me. But, I just feel like ti's going to have to be across the board and that everybody will have to suffer for a little bit, hopefully for the greater good of everybody. I think that the time has come that we have to do something and I think that this tiny amount of three percent or less than three percent is certainly something we all should be able to do, including the government."

Brock says, I don't think they care. i think they're more interested in playing politics; and they're playing politics with American lives."

If you want to voice your concerns to your congressman, please see the contact list below. You can let them know your thoughts and/or suggestions on what to do.


1. Lakeland

a. Jay Shaw, R-District 1, P: (229) 482-3505 E:

Clinch, Cook, Echols, Lainer Lowndes Counties

2. Valdosta

a. Jack Kingston, R-District 1, P: (229) 247-9188 E:

Clinch, Cook, Echols, Lainer Lowndes Counties

b. D

3. Thomasville

a. Sanford D. Bishop, Jr., D-District 2, P: (229) 439-8067 E:

Brooks, Grady, Decatur, Lowndes, Miller, Seminole, & Thomas counties


1. Tallahassee

a. Steve Southerland, II, R-District 2, P: (850) 7850812

Apalachicola, Lake City, Panama, Leon, & Quincy Counties

2. Tallahassee

a. Halsey Beshears, R-District 7, P: (850) 717-5007 E:

Jefferson, Lafayette, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla and Part of Leon Counties

3. Tallahassee

a. Alan B. Williams, D-District 8, P: (850) 717-5008

Gadsden and Part of Leon Counties

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