Volunteers Have History at the Horse Trials

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

March 5, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Before the trials begin, at Red Hills, there is much to be done.

Several volunteers have already made a foot print on the courses and with plenty of past experience-- they're back to spruce up the place.

"I have been volunteering at Red Hills for gee whiz maybe as long as ten years or so," said Dan Beeman, the Stable Coordinator.

"I came out and volunteered to do the flowers and the plants," said Corinne Mathis, the Course Decorator. "I really enjoy it, I like decorating all these jumps that to me are kind of boring until I pretty them up a little bit."

Everyone has their own story, when it comes to how they became part of the horse game. Some volunteers have history dating way before the trials even set foot on Tallahassee turf.

"I helped purchase this park," said David Chapman, the Sign Chairman. "Twenty something years ago I was involved with the acquisition of the park, so I always had a little bit more of an interest then some folks would."

It's a passion. It's why they keep coming back.

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