Local Volunteers To Reunite Pup With Owner

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UPDATE 6:30 p.m. 7-4-13

Janel Poe waits patiently for Smoke, a blue pit bull she's never seen before.

"Got him a couple of toys to keep him company little rawhide bone," said Poe.

She part of the Kindred Hearts Transport Connection. They're basically a relay team where people volunteer to drop a missing pet off to another driver in another city until the animal finally gets home.

Poe, who has two dogs and a cat of her own and says she loves the idea.

"I would like to hope that if one of my animals, cause they are family, if anything happened to one of them I would love to hope that someone would get them home to us."

Melanie Seago drove from Live Oak to Tallahassee for her leg of the relay.

"We adopt him for the trip," said Seago. "It's completely rewarding. I encourage everyone to sign up."

Smoke once lived in California til his owner's roommate stole him and moved to Florida where the animal was found on the streets.Thanks to a microchip, animal control contacted his original owner.

Now Smoke has a journey that will last more than 2,500 miles and 36 hours on the road.

"It's awesome. I recommend it for everyone. It's very simple, very easy short trips."

It's a happy 'tail' for one lucky pup!

He's being reunited with his owner after three years apart. The pup somehow ended up thousands of miles away from home, and was found in Florida.

The California man who owns him says he hasn't seen his roommate who moved out and took the animal. But thanks to a microchip, the pooch and his owner will be reunited, and shelter volunteers say it can't come soon enough.

Beneecia Tacina, Animal Care Technician: "He seems very sad in here. So it's great. As you saw when I brought him out... how he was happier. But, in his kennel, he was very sad and mellow, and just didn't bark, waited for his food."

Members of the "Kindred Hearts Transport Connection" will drive to California to reunite the dog with it's owner, but they say they need more volunteers to drive.

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