Crawfordville Man Arraigned After Weapons Found in Home

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UPDATE: - April 11, 2012 -Crawfordville, FL

A Wakulla man arrested last month for violating his probation returned to court Wednesday 4-11-12

Todd Mitchell was arraigned before a judge earlier this morning. Deputies say they found guns inside Mitchell's home last month 3-7.

Mitchell was on probation and is not allowed to own any weapons. He will return to court May 9

UPDATE: - March 8, 2012 -By Mike Springer

Deputies say they found an assortment of guns inside Todd Mitchell's home along with drugs. And having those weapons violates Mitchell's probation.

"He's got a pretty good stockpile going here, he's got a pretty good history," says Lt. C.L. Morrison of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

Neighbors on Emmett-Whaley Road describe Todd Mitchell as a handy-man who did odd jobs and mostly kept to himself.Mitchell, a convicted felon, was arrested at his Crawfordville home after neighbors reported hearing gun shots.

"When the detectives did a background check, they learned that homeowner, Todd Mitchell, was a convicted felon. They also looked at his history and also learned he was on felony probation," says Morrison.

Deputies say Mitchell was put on probation last year for DUI and making threats against a public official. A warrant was secured and detectives searched his home.

"Ten fire arms recovered, A homemade silencer was fashioned on one of the firearms. Marijuana and drug paraphernalia," says Morrison.

As a convicted felon, deputies say Mitchell cannot legally own a firearm. Deputies say he gave no motive for owning the guns. He now faces a slew of charges including ones for weapons and drugs.

"I don't have a crystal ball to tell you what's going to happen in court, but he's potentially looking at spending the rest of his life in prison," says Morrison.

Mitchell is currently being in the Wakulla County Jail without bond

Crawfordville, Florida - March 8, 2012 -

A 39-year-old Crawfordville man faces weapons and drug charges in connection with the execution of a search warrant by Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office detectives on Wednesday, March 7, according to Sheriff Donnie Crum.

Todd James Mitchell was arrested for possession of a weapon by a convicted felon; violation of probation; knowingly driving while license suspended or revoked; possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana; and possession of narcotics equipment.

WCSO detectives received intelligence that Mitchell possessed at least two firearms despite being a convicted felon. Deputies determined that Mitchell was on supervised probation and his probation officer scheduled a search of his home.

Detectives provided security for the probation officer at the home and observed Mitchell leaving the residence in a van. Detectives recognized Mitchell and knew he did not possess a valid driver license and he was detained. During the arrest for driving without a valid license, a loaded .38 caliber revolver was observed in the vehicle in plain view.

Later, a search warrant was obtained from the court to determine if Mitchell had any more weapons at his home and spent shell casings, marijuana and several guns were observed. The search included Mitchell’s home, out buildings, camper trailer and the vehicle and a second firearm, a .22 caliber rifle, was located in the van. In addition, eight more firearms were recovered along with a camouflage bag and miscellaneous ammunition. Less than 20 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were discovered in the camper trailer.

Mitchell was transported to the Wakulla County Jail without incident. Detective Lorne Whaley, Detective Josh Langston, Detective Nick Boutwell, Lt. C.L. Morrison, Lt. Bruce Ashley, Sgt. Ronald Mitchell, Detective Rob Giddens and Deputy Nick Gray investigated.

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