WCTV Announces Leann Akos as Teacher of the Month

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Leann Akos of Chaires Elementary is WCTV's November Teacher of the Month!

Akos is from Mississippi. She has been teaching in Tallahassee for two years. This is her first year at Chaires Elementary.

She says, "It is an honor to be nominated, first of all, for Teacher of the Month. But, then also to win is a great honor and to have the recognition here at Chaires as my first year, also."

Akos was nominated by a parent, who says, "Leann Akos is my hero because she recognized something was wrong with my son on Thursday of last week. She couldn't figure it out, but she called us and we took our son to the hospital where he was eventually diagnosed with Absence Epilepsy, which is misdiagnosed as ADD a lot. She could have given him a bad marking for the day, but she instead took action immediately for my son. She helped us figure out a potential large problem for him and we are able to get treatment. I am forever grateful for her."

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