Wakulla County Animal Shelter Fights The Heat

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By: Chris Gros
July 29, 2014

Wakulla County, FL - Summer temps are soaring so Wakulla County’s animal shelter is battling the heat.

The buildings that house the dog's kennels were built without A/C. Staff and volunteers told Eyewitness News that A/C or new fans can't be afforded. This poses a problem when the heat index soars into the triple digits.

"It’s just not in the budget, box fans are not in the budget. So we ask people to donate those fans and we've got them set up at different areas to blow directly in the kennel," said volunteer Cheryl Minsky

So the staff has to be creative in order to keep the animals cool. What they use are donated box fans lining the hall way and can even turn on a sprinkler system that's on top of the roof to cool the inside of the building.

"But it also increases your water and sewer bill because you’re in effect wasting water to keep the animals cooler," said Animal Control Director Ivanhoe Carroll.

The animal shelter is in need of box fans so if you'd like to donate one you can call the shelter at (850)962-0902.

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