Wakulla Seeks Voluntary Management Of Community Center

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Press Release: Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners

Crawfordville, Florida – The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners is requesting proposals and presentations from interested individuals, community organizations and/or non-profits willing to “volunteer” for the management of the Wakulla County Community Center and the development, implementation and operation of related programs.

The YMCA has recently withdrawn their plans to manage and operate the Community Center. Therefore, in an effort to open the doors and allow programs to begin, County staff decided to seek volunteers who would be interested in providing management and operations of programs at the Community Center for one year.

The proposal requests how the proposer plans to operate and manage the Community Center, to include a full description of the types and benefits of programs to be offered, targeted age group, etc. In addition, the proposers are strongly encouraged to collaborate and submit a “Collaborative Proposal” with others wishing to participate or submit a proposal for this project.

Proposals are due by October 18, 2013 and a “mandatory” public workshop will be held on November 14, 2013 to allow the proposer(s) to present their proposal. The request for proposal documents can be obtained on the County website (www.mywakulla.com) or at the BOCC Administration Office, 3093 Crawfordville Hwy., Crawfordville, FL.

For additional information related to this story, please contact Jessica Welch, Director, Communications & Public Services at (850) 926-0919 ext. 706 or at jwelch@mywakulla.com.

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