Wakulla County Ready For Election Day

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With one of the largest ballots in the nation, Florida residents will need extra time in choosing officials and how they vote on certain referendums.

Wakulla County is no exception. In order to avoid long lines the supervisor of elections office sent out ballots like all other counties in the mail to inform the public what they have in store for them when they hit the polls.

In the eight days of early voting this year in Wakulla County, 5,547 voters already cast their ballots. Compare that to the last presidential campaign in 2008 when 5,521 voted. That's an increase of 26 votes from four years ago.

Supervisor of Elections Henry Wells says voters can bring the sample ballot to the polling locations to help speed up the voting process.

"They just take the time to transfer their desires to the ballot, the official ballot, and it won't take as long," said Wells. "If they go in there to read everything we're lookin' at I'd say 30, 35 minutes."

Be sure to watch Eyewitness news at 11 on election night for all Florida and Georgia county returns in our area. Also wctv.tv will have results that you can click on by county.

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