Wakulla County Teens Learn Safer Driving Techniques

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Between texting, the radio, iPods and phone calls, it's easy for teens to get distracted while driving. But now the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office is working to keep our roads safer.

The office hosted it's third Teen Driver Challenge of the summer.

When Eyewitness News visited the driving class at Wakulla High School, teens were in the driver seats of patrol cars learning how to deal with different driving scenarios.

"They're learning about all kinds of different aspects of defensive driving," Keith Blackmar, PIO for the Wakulla County Sheriffs Office said.

It's the first summer the Wakulla County Sheriffs Office is hosting the two day driver's course which includes classroom work and of course hands on work.

"We did figure eights with the Chevy Silverado. That was actually pretty challenging. We did an exercise where the cones are separated but we had to serve in and out of them. We also got to drive a golf cart with beer goggles on," Yese Reyes, a 16 year old taking the class said.

Yese has been learning to drive from her grandfather but says this course has made her even more prepared.

"So many things that we're learning today he would never have taught me, like emergency situations and how to safely get out of them. This has help me so much," she said.

The driving course is the same one that deputies go through when training to be apart of the sheriff's office.

"Our deputies love it because it gives them the chance to interact with our kids and share their experiences of how they are on the road," Officer Blackmar said.

The course is sponsored by the Florida Sheriff's Association and State Farm insurance. It's free to all teen drivers.

The Wakulla County Sheriffs Office plans to continue to host these driving courses throughout the year.

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