Wakulla Rethinks Local Wetlands Ordinance

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By: Bailey Myers
July 15th, 2013

Wakulla County, FL - A prized natural possession may be about to lose its protection. We're talking about wetlands, and an ordinance change in Wakulla County may take away that prize.

During the County Commission meeting, one resident said, "Gentlemen you are making a big mistake...You are killing the Golden Goose."

The Golden Goose of Wakulla County is their wetlands. At least according to the dozens of people who spoke out Monday night in favor of an ordinance that protects the 75 feet around the already protected wetlands. With much of the county inundated with wetland classified zones, property owners want this ordinance gone.
Sopchoppy resident, Robert Roddenberry explained, "I don't want anyone over there telling me where I can and can't operate my farm, or build where I want to build."

This meeting was the final buffer between keeping the ordinance in place and getting rid of it. But even as those pleaded to keep it-- others demanded it go. When County commissioners voted, they agreed to hold two public hearings discussing the removal of the extra wetlands protection ordinance.

Another Wakulla County Resident, Emily Smith said, "To say that, that's not worth protecting or we only want to protect it a little bit seems to fly in the face of the very thing that makes Wakulla County special and so full of water and beautiful water."

A date hasn't been set for the next public hearing discussing the ordinance. Officials tell us they expect it to happen within the next three months.

By Bailey Myers
July 15, 2013

Wakulla County, FL - Wetlands are protected in the state of Florida. In Wakulla County an ordinance exists protecting them even more than state law requires. Now, the County Commission is re-thinking that ordinance.

Many members of the community came out to the Wakulla County Commission chambers Monday night to discuss the ordinance that currently prevents any disturbance 75 feet around wetlands area. Commissioners are talking about repealing that ordinance or just amending it.

WCTV will bring you highlights from the meeting tonight on Eyewitness News aT 11.

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