Wakulla Springs Protection

By: Alicia Turner
August 21, 2014

Today the Department of Environmental Protection held a public meeting in Tallahassee to discuss restoring Wakulla Springs and the problems that threaten the ecosystem there.

"We're just happy that the health of Wakulla Springs is important to so many people."

At least 50 people attended a meeting with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in an effort to get rid of nitrogen in the aquifer that provides water to Wakulla Springs.

Peter Scaloco, Park Manager for Wakulla Springs said, "The biggest issue is eliminating pollution from getting into the system to start with, and that's done through careful planning at every level from the cities to the citizens to the folks who come to the park and enjoy the spring."

According to the DEP the pollution in the basin is coming from a large number of septic tanks in the area.

Sean McGlynn, Biologist said, "That they are going to wrestle with the septic tank issue which is a political nightmare because everybody has one and it's usually the poorer people that have one and they don't have the money to fix it."

Wakulla County planning says although the process involving the DEP is slow they're making their own strides

Luis Serna of Wakulla County planning said, "Wakulla County has been moving forward and we've been able to get money from the federal government to expand our waste water treatment plant and we are going to be extending sewer to a lot of areas that are currently septic so I think there has been a lot of process in just the last year."

The restoration project has been underway for months and both the DEP and residents hope to come to an agreement and soon.

The Department of Environmental Protection asked that all questions comments and concerns be put into writing. They'll take three weeks to address them, then they will decide if another meeting should take place.

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