Wakulla Springs State Park Holds Annual Festival

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By: Emily Johnson
April 19, 2014

Wakulla Springs, FL - Wakulla Springs State Park held their annual Wakulla Wildlife Festival today which has taken place for more than ten years at the grounds.

"It's really become a tradition. It started out a little damp and misty this morning but it cleared up we've had a great turn out," said Peter Scalco, Park Manager at Wakulla Springs State Park.

The theme for this year's festival was all about educating families on what life was like at the turn on the century.

"It's a fun way to get the family out to enjoy a healthy outdoor experience and hopefully learning something while they're having fun," said Scalco.

Folks were able to learn the way Florida Crackers lived, like how they made their own candles and smoked their own fish in a homemade smoker.

"Mullet and fish that you would of course harvest for not only today and preserving them, but for down the road six months later," said Jason Vickery, Old Florida Reenactor.

Families said the festival was a great experience and that their glad they went.

"I think it's good to expose them to history, show them how things use to be. It wasn't always so easy," said Russ Freeman who brought his son and daughter.

"Its great for them to see things that they don't normally see on a day to day basis," said Diane Simmons who brought her three little boys.

Families were also able to enjoy the beautiful wildlife at Wakulla Springs State Park by taking guided tour boat rides.

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