Wakulla Superintendent Race Trying To Run Clean Campaign

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UPDATE Crawfordville, Fla - Oct 1 2012 11:00 p.m.

"Everybody makes mistakes. I've certainly made some in my life I certainly regret them, you wish you could change them," said Wakulla County Schools superintendent candidate Dr. Kimball Thomas.

That's all the further Thomas would say about a memo from 2006 he received about a sexual harassment complaint while he worked for Collier County schools. He was accused by a female coworker. Thomas did remain at the district for another two years.

His opponent, Bobby Pearce says everything in a candidate's past is fair game but that the leaked information was not his or his campaign's doing.

"I think that because of the nature of that information it's clearly predictable that the accusation would be made that it was released by the Pearce camp," said Pearce in a phone interview. "This information did not come from me."

Thomas says he wants this election to focus on the issues at hand that's why he says he's focused on running a positive campaign.

"Talk about positive issues and educational issues that I think will have a clear delineation for voters as who's the best and qualified candidate for the superintendent seat."

"For us I see us to continue to push and strive to prepare out students for life," said Pearce.

As the election looms just a little more than a month away, both candidates say they want to meet those undecided voters to help put them over the top.

Thomas went on to talk about the fact that he believes standardized testing is necessary but the FCAT needs to be looked at in helping schools. He currently is the principal at East Gadsden High School and also taught at Gainsville State College in Gainsville, Georgia.
Pearce worked at Crawfordville Elementary, Medart Elementary and other schools in the district.

Both men believe they are qualified for the position and will find ways to support the education system in the school district and county.

Wakulla County, FL - October 1, 2012 6:21pm

Folks in Wakulla County are talking about accusations leveled against a candidate for School Superintendent.

Now the rival candidate claims the information leaked to the media did not come from his camp.

The two candidates for the Wakulla schools Kimball Thomas and Bobby Pearce are at the center of attention here in the county after information was leaked about sexual harassment by Thomas at a former employer

In a story first reported by the Wakulla news while Thomas was employed at collier county schools in 2006 he was reprimanded for sexual harassment of a female employee.

Some supporters of Thomas say the Bobby Pearce camp leaked that information.

Pearce has denied those accusations but has said that a candidates past should be under scrutiny.

Thomas was hired back in 2003 as executive director of federal state grants for collier county schools.

He's currently the principal at east Gadsden high school.

Thomas told the Wakulla news he's been trying to run a positive campaign with no negative attacks.

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