[UPDATE] Wakulla Co. Mandates New Trash Tax on Residents

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[UPDATE] Crawfordville, Florida – September 19, 2011 -

Wakulla County Release:

The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners recently contracted with Waste Pro for residential and non-residential solid waste and recycling collection and disposal services within the County. In addition, Waste Pro has agreed to repair and operate the Wakulla County Transfer Station which will be open on Fridays from 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m.

Beginning on October 1, 2011, Waste Pro will begin once a week residential curbside pick-ups of solid waste and recyclable materials Countywide. Each resident will be provided a 96 gallon roll out cart and an 18 gallon recycle bin. This service will be assessed in the amount of $196 per dwelling unit for residential property and will be collected on the ad valorem tax bill mailed in November. The non-residential properties will be directly billed by Waste Pro and should result in a cost reduction for the vast majority of non-residential properties.

Waste Pro has agreed to provide many other services such as bulk waste and white goods pickup which includes furniture, bicycles, grills, stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Waste Pro is also offering additional services for residents at a nominal charge.

The County is excited to see their efforts toward promoting recycling and for those who need more than one recycle bin additional bins will be provided at no charge. Waste Pro has been very proactive in working with the County to make sure the resident’s needs are met. “I’m glad to see the County move toward such a great benefit and believe this will eliminate trash in our woods and on our roadways,” said Commissioner Alan Brock.


Wakulla County, FL -- September 8, 2011 --

"I wanna know why we have been mismanaged for so many years and why did we not prepare for the problems with the landfill," says Anne Anhrendt.

Anhrendt is one of several residents in Wakulla County who beginning next month will be forced to pay $196 a year for curbside trash services with Waste Pro.

"I just don't' feel like it's fair for the citizens of Wakulla County to be forced to use this service and put out of business the small business man," says Guinn Haskins, who is against the new trash tax.

Commissioners voted Tuesday to make the trash tax mandatory for the roughly 12,000 homes in the county. It would include once a week pick up and recycling.

Commissioners say the county was not meeting state regulations for solid waste disposal from their landfill.

"It's going to address a lot of problems we have with burning, in the woods, dumping, and just general trash, on the side of roads and in yards," says Rachel Pienta who supports the new trash tax.

We got our hands on the solid waste resolution documents approved by commissioners proving that low income households could qualify for exemption on the trash tax.

Interim County Administrator Tim Barden says the county only budgeted for 5% of residents to be exempt.

We learned that over 40% of residents are eligible for exemption based on the low 80% income limits from the US Department of Housing Urban & Development.

"That means that the remainder of the citizens are now forced to pick up the shortfall there and that's going to equate to roughly a million dollars that our commissioners are going to have to find from some other means," says Ralph Thomas who is against the mandated trash tax.

If you're a resident of Wakulla County and want to find out if you're exempt from the new trash tax, call the Commission office at 850-926-0919

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