Wakulla Vehicle Pursuit Ends in Serious Injury

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Crawfordville, Florida --

A 42-year-old Crawfordville man was seriously injured following an
extended vehicle pursuit Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 8:25 p.m., according to
Sheriff David Harvey.

Jon Walter Loehr is facing numerous felony charges including aggravated
assault on a police officer and fleeing and attempting to elude a law
enforcement officer. He was hospitalized after the pursuit ended and
warrants are pending.

Earlier in the day, Wakulla Sheriff's Office Deputy Ryan Muse attempted
to conduct a traffic stop with Loehr over an improper tag. Loehr fled
into Leon County where he was involved in a vehicle pursuit, a traffic
crash and a foot pursuit. LCSO officials took Loehr to Tallahassee
Memorial Hospital for treatment, but hospital officials later reported
that Loehr escaped from the facility.

Later that evening, WCSO Investigators received information that Loehr
might be back in Wakulla County and went to the residence in which he
lived. They did not find anyone at the home but spotted a Honda Civic in
the driveway.

Within minutes the same vehicle was observed southbound on Spring Creek
Highway. Deputies attempted to initiate a traffic stop, but the vehicle
accelerated toward the Shell Point area.

The suspect vehicle eventually turned onto Kornegay Way in the Oyster
Bay community. Deputies lost sight of the suspect vehicle as Loehr
turned off his lights. Moments later, Sgt. Ronald Mitchell radioed that
the suspect attempted to strike his K-9 vehicle. Following a vehicular
assault on deputies, gunshots were fired by deputies and the pursuit
continued back on Shell Point Road, across the intersection of U.S.
Highway 98 to Shadeville Road. The suspect periodically attempted to
turn into oncoming traffic and force vehicles off the road.

Deputies blocked off U.S. Highway 98 to keep traffic from being struck
by Loehr as he crossed it. Deputies also attempted to warn motorists of
the pursuit with headlights and emergency lights as they spotted them
along the pursuit route.

The pursuit turned east on Highway 267 and northbound on Highway 61.
After approximately two miles of pursuit on Highway 61, Captain Bill
Poole used a pit maneuver to strike the suspect vehicle and get it off
the road to further protect oncoming motorists. Loehr lost control of
the vehicle, went onto the grass shoulder and flipped over on the
vehicle's roof.

Loehr suffered injuries in the crash and was freed from the vehicle by
fire department and EMS officials. Loehr was extracted from the vehicle
and taken back to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The Florida Department
of Law Enforcement (FDLE), additional members of the WCSO Traffic Unit
and members of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) responded. The
investigation has been turned over to FDLE and CID officials. None of
the law enforcement officials were injured.

Deputy Will Hudson, Sgt. Ronald Mitchell, Lt. C.L. Morrison, Deputy
Clint Beam, Deputy Ryan Muse, Captain Bill Poole, Lt. Dale Evans and
Deputy Josh Langston were involved in the original investigation.

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