Walk in My Shoes Event

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By: Garin Flowers

Lauren Book, a crusader against sexual abuse against children, has reached our area again. It's all a part of her annual walk in my shoes event.

Lauren Book was a victim of sexual abuse as a child for six years. She now walks across the state of Florida, bringing awareness to the issue, and Tuesday she landed in Perry.

This year's walk has a twist - men walking in women's shoes, just to see how it feels.

"It's been a wonderful day full of educational events and obviously a wonderful walk and a walk in her shoes, which was a lot of fun," Lauren Book, Founder of Walk in my Shoes, said.

This is Book's fourth year walking across the state. She started in the Keys on March 19, and will walk 1500 miles until she lands in Tallahassee on April 23rd.

"It's all about education and awareness," Book said.

Book's tour has grown bigger and bigger each year, but, the message is simple. Teach kids about sexual abuse, and that it's okay to speak up about it.

"Empowering survivors, allowing survivors to become thrives and I'm so proud to be here in such a wonderful community," Book said.

Taylor county always brings out a big crowd for the event. Residents walked a mile with Book, from the courthouse to the local hospital.

"I am a survivor in childhood so I decided you know, I need to help even if it's just one, it makes a difference," Lorena "Birdy" Gardner,Walk in My Shoes Event, said.

So the men didn't have to walk a full mile in those heels, but it was a good gesture. This is Lauren Book's fourth year walking across the state for this cause.

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