Walking to Cure Diabetes

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

April 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--A tearful hello began a walk to cure Diabetes.

"Finally," said James Miller, a U.S. Soldier. "It's been so long since I've seen them, it's just a sigh of relief, finally glad to be on U.S. soil again."

James Miller embraced his son and daughter for the first time in months. The U.S. Soldier drove miles to see his children after his plane was grounded. Miller's son, Gabriel, lives with Type One Diabetes and every year they join the fight--the fight, to find a cure.

"I mean you can prick his finger while his sleeping, he just doesn't know any different," said Pamela Miller, Soldier's Mom. "Being diagnosed at such an early age it's just part of his life."

Tallahassee joined hands together to walk for the cure and everybody had a personal experience.

"It will benefit my grandchildren as well as these other children and it's important to me," said Chris Kimmons, the Walk Co-Chair. "JDRF is such a good organization because they give so much directly to research and that's what its going to take to cure it."

People who joined the fight say that the walk symbolizes many things to them.

"Walk symbolizes hope for a cure," said Brooks Biagina, the Executive Director of JDRF North Florida. "To pay tribute to the challenges they face everyday, the children and adults with Type One Diabetes are our everyday heroes."

Gabriel Miller will be with his hero for an entire week. All the proceeds of the event will go directly to research to help find a cure.

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