Walmart Employee Accused Of Stealing Thousands Of Prescription Pills

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Bainbridge, GA- Cecelia Burroughs, 49, is charged with two felonies; theft by taking and possession of a schedule three substance.

Investigators with Bainbridge Public Safety say she's the woman caught on camera, stealing nearly 7,000 xanax and hydrocodone pills from the Bainbridge Walmart, where she worked as a cashier.

"She wasn't supposed to have any dealings with the medication, so you know, with the video we were able to determine that she was stepping outside her bounds; getting pills off the shelf, hiding them, " said Captain Mark Esquivel, an investigator with Bainbridge Public Safety.

On December 11, investigators arrested Burroughs at the store and brought her in for questioning.

"She stated that she was taking them herself, but being that there was such a large number of pills, she said she'd give them out to some family members or friends that would call her and ask for them," said Esquivel.

We reached out to the folks at the Walmart where Burroughs is accused of stealing from, but because of corporate policy they did not want to comment. They did, however, say that from here on out the investigation was in the hands of Bainbridge Public Safety Officials.

"She stated that since January 2012, she'd been taking the pills," Esquivel said. "She said she's been getting braver and she knew she was going to end up getting caught."

Burroughs was taken to Decatur County Jail where she has since been released on bond.

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