Walmart Foundation Grant

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News Release: Midway Police Department
June 25, 2014

Midway, Fla. - The Midway Police Department has been selected to receive a $750.00 grant through the Local Facility Giving Program sponsored by The Walmart Foundation and Facility-#488.

Midway was selected as one of the recipients for their overall work in the community and crime prevention techniques.

The Police Department will be using the money to fund a crime prevention effort in the community in which the department will be assisting citizens with getting emergency address numbers on their homes.

“The crime prevention unit is ecstatic about assisting the elderly population as a priority, because often times emergency services personnel have a hard time finding homes and residences when they call for help and assistance”, says Chief Jerome Turner.

The grant will be issued in the coming weeks and some citizens can expect to receive their new emergency address numbers shortly thereafter.

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