Washington Mural Created Out Of 5,000 Sticky Notes

A mural of George Washington crafted from 8,000 multi-color sticky notes in a 23-foot window at a public library in West Palm Beach. (Source: City of West Palm Beach)
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Associated Press Release

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- A group of South Florida art students have completed a mural of George Washington created from thousands of multi-colored sticky notes.

Armory Arts Center students completed the mural Friday after working on it for several days. The mural sits in a 23-foot window at a public library and is on display to celebrate the 25th anniversary of West Palm Beach's Independence Day celebration. It took 5,000 sticky notes to complete.

In addition to the Washington mural, several other patriotic designs, all crafted from sticky notes, are also going up in spots around town. Those murals include colorful portraits of Lady Liberty and the American flag.

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