Winter Weather Has an Effect on Valdosta

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Valdosta businesses are feeling feel the effect of the winter storm in the northern part of the state. With the rush of Valentine's Day, Bruce Sumner and his business, Zant's Flower Shop, is slammed with fulfilling flower orders.

"We do a lot of deliveries to businesses and homes which puts us under a little pressure because everyone wants it that day so they can show off and show how much they care about people, so it puts us under a little bit of rush with delivery," said Sumner.

But the storm in the northern part of the state is slowing him down from getting to his customers in places like Atlanta.

"Going out of town we've had to call the shops direct and see if they have any problems with ice for delivery," said Sumner. "We can't use our automated computer system because that automatically prints it and sends it to them, and they might not be able to send it, so we call them direct to make sure they can fulfill orders on their end."

Even the city can't complete projects right now like installing new underground pipes. It was scheduled to go in earlier this week, but is being postponed until next week.

David Herron is the Senior Constructor Inspector for the City of Valdosta Engineering. He says the project to install drainage pipes on River Street can't be completed unless they receive the materials coming from Albany.

"Presently its kind of two fold, the contractor getting his pipe, we got to get all that on site so we can get started," said Herron. "Then because of the weather the ground is so wet it's just going to entail costing us more money to try to dig now and this wet mess is just going to slow down the contractor," said Herron.

The project on River Street cost over $300,000 for the city to complete. It is not costing any extra because of the delays.