Weather Hurts Businesses Along The Coast

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By: Bailey Myers
July 20th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- With umbrellas handy, those in the Big Bend area are ready for those Southern showers, but not everyone was prepared for such a strong rainy season.

The owner of Angelo's and Son's Seafood Restaurant, Angelo Petrandis said, "They don't drive down here in bad weather just to watch it rain and turn around and go back." So instead people aren't driving out to the coast to visit the beach, and in turn they aren't stopping by these family owned businesses, like Angelo's and Son's Seafood Restaurant to eat.

Petrandis explained, "I can't say that I can remember any time when it rained so much for so long. And it seems to be every weekend right when we need it." Sitting outside is a key selling point for a lot of these restaurants here on the coast, but as you can see sitting outside isn't quite a possibility. Typically, Angelo's is crowded this time of the year. With the kitchen staff running around to make sure the fish is fried, steak is sizzled and sauce is stirred-- but bad weather means bad business and tables are left empty.

Leaving waitresses without without a job. Rae Ministerio, a waitress at Angelo's and Son's Seafood Restaurant said, "I'm a single parent, so it's really hard whenever I get cut I'm the only one that brings you know money into the house so if I get cut my girls they go without."

Without people to fill the tables, Angelo has no choice but to cut people he can't use. The only thing anyone can do is cross their fingers and hope the rain goes away. Petrandis said, "Maybe it will quit raining one of these days' hope. It's got to."

For many businesses along the coast this is their best season. Unfortunately, Petrandis hasn't seen the turn out he expects this time of the year. He even said he hopes the summer weather gets better before their peak season is over.

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