Wednesday Morning Weather

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The lowest temp I saw this morning was a pair of 28s for Homerville and Albany... Tallahassee briefly dipping to 29 (maybe a smidge cooler - we'll know later when they release the official low for the day). Certainly not barbaric, or even brutal, but COLD for our standards.

Sunshine this afternoon should perk up our temps into the Low 60s, and without that winds we had to put up with yesterday, it'll feel a little better out there. Clear skies again tonight will lead to more cool, but NOT like last night... Likely the coldest sports in the low 30s, mostly in the mid 30s - cold enough, for sure. Highs on Thursday will climb way up into the 60s and with some clouds around Thursday night, lows Friday morning near 40. IF we are going to see any rain, a sprinkle or two is possible Friday, but not likely... Dry and cool looks to be the rule into the weekend as another shot of cooler air will knock the temps down a few degrees on Saturday.

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