Wednesday Weather

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After that chilly start, we're in for some pretty nice weather today... Highs into the 70s and plenty of sunshine. As the winds shift to the south later today, we'll develop some clouds and bring back a little moisture. Clouds increase tonight and it shouldn't get so cold - near 50 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow heats up into the mid and maybe even upper 70s, before a line of showers and storms sweeps through the region. This cold front will be part of the same system that's going to bring big snows to the Central Plains and Great Lakes States. For us, tomorrow afternoon we can expect some showers and thunderstorms - there's the chance some strong cells develop (we'll be watching and updating all day tomorrow!). And then on Friday we'll get breezy, and cooler... highs only in the upper 50s! Lows Saturday morning (if the winds go calm) should fall below freezing - might even fall into the upper 20s... COLD mornings this weekend... be ready!

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