Tallahassee Police Officer Fired For Bad Driving

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By Andy Alcock

After seven preventable car crashes in less than six years, a Tallahassee Police officer has been fired.

Officer Chris Ormerod was fired on July 23rd.

It comes after progressive disciplinary action against him.

According to a TPD spokesman, Ormerod has already served a 40 hour suspension.

He's also had mandatory counseling, taken a remedial driving course and had a fitness for duty eye exam.

Ormerod is also named as a defendant in an unrelated pending lawsuit.

Christina West claims Ormerod is partially responsible for leaving her bruised and bloody during a drunk driving arrest.

UPDATE 3-19-14
Story by: James Buechele

The city of Tallahassee faces its second lawsuit in as many weeks. The suit was filed today by attorneys for Christina West.

"It's almost as if the city doesn't care about it. We'll we're going to make them care about it," said West's attorney from Fred Conrad.

Wednesday afternoon Conrad filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city of Tallahassee and four officers that were present during her arrest.

"The Tallahassee police department won't take responsibility for their actions and that doesn't give us any choice."

In the complaint attached to this story, Christina West and her husband David cite a number of issues including excessive force, violation of fourth amendment rights, fabrication of evidence and negligence on behalf of the city.

"The city could make this right instead they do this joke of an internal affairs investigation that smacks of a I don't want to say cover up but it's an attempt to escape their liability."

The arresting officers you see in the video Chris Ormerod and Matthew Smidt are defendants in the case. Two others police officers at the scene, George Creamer Jr. and William Faust.

"Nobody wants to live in a community where officers run around slamming people on the pavement."

As of Wednesday evening, we have not received any comment from the city attorney regarding the case.


Tallahassee, Fla.

Christina West will avoid a criminal conviction thanks to a plea agreement entered earlier this week.

West pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless driving on Monday. West was originally arrested in August 2013 for DUI and felony battery and assault.

Because of the agreement, West won't be convicted of a crime. West's attorney Fred Conrad spoke with WCTV today about the decision.

"We felt like we had a very strong case to litigate but given the injuries that my client suffered at the hands of 500 pounds of cop, we knew that prolonged litigation at this juncture would be detrimental to her health," said Conrad. "Right now, she needs to be concentrating on at least getting better."

Conrad says West will serve six months of probation and be tested for for drugs and alcohol for the first three months.

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