Wakulla's Wetland Wars

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By: Matt Galka
October 17, 2013

Crawfordville, FL - The Wakulla Wetlands Alliance held a meeting to organize a petition drive Thursday night. The group is trying to save a protection ordinance for the Wakulla Wetlands.

The W.W.A. needs 6,000 signatures in order to put a wetlands protection back on the 2014 ballot. The Wakulla planning and zoning board voted on Monday to do away with the 75 foot property buffer zone ordinance currently in place, and instead move to the statewide protections.

The group says that state regulations have virtually no buffer zone.

"The state has shown in the recent past a significant lack of interest in enforcing wetlands regulations, and we feel like the local protections that we have are more under our control and would be more appropriate to maintain them," said W.W.A. treasurer James Hennessey.

Volunteers will be going door to door in each district looking for signatures. The petition is also available online at www.wakullawetlands.com.

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