Where's The Powerball Winner?

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It's been 13 days since the record Powerball jackpot was drawn and still no one has come forward to claim the historic prize. So where's the winner?? And what happens if no one does claim the prize?

So who has the 590-million dollar winning Powerball ticket?

One Zephyrhills resident: "I know it wasn't me…"
Talk to anyone in Zephyrhills, and you're likely to hear the same thing.

"There's a rumor that it's…"
"…a young girl that...."
"…that works at Walmart. That's all I know."

But so far the Florida Lottery says no one has come forward to claim the prize. The winner has 60-days from the drawing, or until July 17th if they want a lump sum cash pay-out.

They have until Nov. 14th if they want the cash annuity, or jackpot paid out over multiple years. And if no one does claim the prize???

David Bishop, Florida Lottery: "That money would go back to the organization which controls Powerball and then the money would be distributed to each state that sells Powerball based on the percentage of sales."

With roughly 10 percent of all Powerball tickets sold in the sunshine, that means Florida would get a check of 59 million dollars.
But the fact that the winner hasn't come forward is not a surprise. In fact experts it's the smart thing to do.

They say you should:

-Keep quiet
-See a tax professional to figure out how you want the money paid out.
-Then assemble a team of legal and financial advisors, before claiming your prize.

And a word of warning to the winner… Don't lose that ticket.

David Bishop, Florida Lottery: "That's a 59 -million dollar piece of paper and we're hopeful that someone kept it and didn't throw it away, but without the ticket there's no way we can award the prize."

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