White Springs To Kick Off Festival Of Lights Friday

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White Springs, FL - It is time to deck the halls at Stephen Foster Park in White Springs, Florida. They have enough lights to make Las Vegas blush.

"This is the "Stephen Foster Festival of Lights"," said Andrea Thomas, a park specialist at Stephen Foster Park. "We've been doing this for about the last 17 years but for the past 5 or 6 it's really expanded to where now we have about 5 million Christmas lights if not more than that."

Thursday was the VIP reception before the big premiere Friday night. Tickets to the festival are just $2, and a lot comes with it.

"Free popcorn, free hot chocolate, free s'mores, go to the bonfire, watch a movie," said Thomas.

You can take a drive and admire the lights. Or go for a walk and see this huge model train display with over 800 feet of track. It took the Lake City Train Club six months to build.

You can't miss the 200 foot tall Carrillon Tower that's draped in streams of gold from head to toe. More than 30,000 people came to the Festival of Lights last year. And they're expecting even more this year.

The Festival of Lights opens Friday night at 6 pm with a Parade through White Springs.

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