Why The 'Y' Decided To Pull Ties With Wakulla

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

August 23, 2013

Wakulla County, FL-- The future of the Wakulla County Community Center is still up in the air after the YMCA cut ties with the center. The wakulla county coalition for youth wants to put a plan in place after six years of it not being in use. The coalition hopes to have a better solution soon.

"Disappointing that the YMCA will not be involved with the community center. In this county there is a shortage I think of activities for children," said Lynn Artz, from the Wakulla County Coalition For Youth.

The group wants to have enrichment activities in the center. There is even talks of bringing the Tallahassee Community College on board after the twenty-first century program the college brought to the community. That learning center helps at-risk kids in the area.

"Give them a location where they can expand that program and serve more children just provided more educational activities here," said
Ralph Thomas, a Wakulla County Commissioner.

Nothing is for sure, but what they do know.

"This thing has gone back and forth for several years but I believe we're getting to a solution that we can do that is going to be cost effective but very beneficial," said Thomas.

"We need to get started," said Artz.

The goal is to have the center up and running by November first.