Wild Hogs Causing Problems For South Georgia Farmers

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By: Emily Johnson
July 9, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Hunters already have their scope set on finding wild hogs, but so do farmer and the reason is money.

Thomas County Agriculture Extension Agent Andrew Sawyer said wild hogs are running rampant across most Georgia counties. In fact, the latest research from 2011 done by University of Georgia shows hogs caused millions of dollars in damage in the southwest Extension District of Georgia that year.

"Comprised about 41 counties that would result in an estimated wild pig damage to crops and or crop related damage of $57 million," said Sawyer.

Sawyer said wild hogs eat at farmers crops which in turn reduces yield numbers and leaves a mess for farmers to clean up. He said as the hogs come through an eat at the corn crop they also trample on the stalks which can cause a lot of headache for the farmers.

Farmers in Grady County are also dealing with the same issue.

"They've started to get bad again. They're hitting the corn field right now. They're several places they've knocked down several acres of corn," said Bryan Hayes, Grady County Agriculture Extension Agent.

If you or someone you know have damage to their fields because of wild hogs send us your pictures to our WCTV Facebook page.

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