Will Federal Site Hold Up For Insurance Deadline?

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Associated Press News Release

MIAMI (AP) -- With just days left to sign up for insurance under the president's new health law, people around Florida are continuing to have mixed results as they try to enroll during the final push.

The website problems appear to be fewer than when the site launched in the fall, but users are still experiencing minor hiccups and jammed phone lines as they join the millions around the country seeking to beat the March 31 deadline. It can take several visits to the website to finish an application, even without technical glitches.

And aside from technical problems, confusion persists about who qualifies for tax credits, along with enrollment deadlines and extensions. The deadline was recently extended through mid-April for those who start the application process by Monday.

Still, Florida has emerged as one of the biggest success stories, enrolling more than 440,000 on the federal site.


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