William Gay Football Camp

June 7, 2014 Alicia Turner
June 7, 2014

Kick off for the fourth-annual William Gay sponsored football camp was Saturday.

The camp puts young boys in touch with former and current N-F-L players to get a once in a lifetime kind of training.

Sharon McMillian had grandchildren participating in the camp.

"He's giving back to the youth, and also its important for them to come together and give them a sense of value a sense of purpose and like I said to come out and to enjoy and have fun and just come together," McMillian said.

Saturday’s events were about more than just football, they were centered around giving back to the community.

April Harrell is the camp coordinator.

"It's to help the kids strive to learn how to, you know basically focus in on the skills that they have and to expound upon them and that’s what the camp is designed to do," Harrell said.

Although this is the fourth-annual William Gay sponsored football camp, this is the first year for cheerleading and a community resource, center for parents to gain information about banking and health.

The community resource center was a one-stop shop of local resources for parents and guardians.

"When you have information and you have information to apply, you can enhance your situation," Coordinator for the resource fair Jason Ward said. "We want to empower our community, because community empowerment is big and if you're not empowering your community it's going to be dilapidated, and we don’t want that.”

Three hundred kids registered for Saturday’s camp, and they had over thirty volunteers come out to help.

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