'Wings Of Freedom' Lands In Valdosta

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By: Winnie Wright
November 6, 2013

Valdosta, GA - Just in time for Veterans Day, the "Wings of Freedom tour" has landed at Valdosta Regional Airport.

Wednesday through Friday visitors can get a rare glimpse into WWII planes and the life of a World War Two Fighter Pilot.

But to the Veterans present at the aircraft's landing and the Collings Foundation, it's so much more.

Jim Harley, Chief Pilot for the Collings Foundation said, "We are trying to keep the memories of the WWII Veterans alive, particularly the guys who flew these aircrafts. Honor their memory, and make sure that they're not forgotten."

Keeping the memory alive is exactly what the "Wings of Freedom Tour" has been able to do for Veterans in Valdosta. Dozens of Veterans and their families came out today to share the experience with their loved ones.

Bud Hutchinson, an Army Veteran said, "When I found out the airplanes was coming I wanted to my grandsons to come and see it, I thought it was important to them.

Art Erikson flew in to the event in the plane he used to co-pilot.

"I wanted to take my son for a ride in one of these things cause we talked about what I did when I was in the service, but he didn't have no idea what was going on when you're up front there", he says.

The experience was something his son, Dick, says he'll always remember.

"It gave me a perspective of what he went through and what all those WWII people went through, ya know, flying in these machines."

To learn more about the "Wings of Freedom Tour" and the Collings foundation, visit http://www.collingsfoundation.org.

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