Withdrawal Scam At Local Walmart

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Press Release: Marianna Police Department

On 04-10-2013 a senior citizen, who is a resident of Marianna, was approached in Walmart by an unidentified black female. The unknown suspect proceeded to convince the victim that she had $43,000 dollars in a bag, and that she was looking for a trustworthy bank where she could deposit her money. The suspect asked where the victim banked and then offered her $300.00 dollars to demonstrate how easy it was to get her own money out before she opened an account herself. The victim agreed and took the suspect to Wells Fargo Bank in Marianna.

The suspect went into the bank with the victim where the victim took out $1500.00 dollars from her own account in demonstration of how easy it was to get her money out. The suspect and victim got back into the victim’s vehicle where the victim placed her $1500.00 dollars between the vehicles front seats.

The suspect instructed the victim to drive her to the Winn Dixie where they met with another older black female friend of the suspect. While there the second suspect got in the vehicle with victim and the first suspect. The first suspect asked the victim to hold on to her wrapped up bag supposedly containing $43,000 dollars while the two suspects went to visit with someone in a bad neighborhood. The victim agreed giving the suspects her phone number so they could call her when they were done and retrieve their money and pay her the promised $300.00 dollars.

The victim drove to her house while the suspects seemingly went into the Winn Dixie. When the victim drove into her drive way she discovered her $1,500.00 dollars was missing from between the seats. She also discovered that the bag containing the $43,000 dollars was in fact filled with rolled up banded newspapers. The victim went to her bank to report the scam and was advised to file a police report.

During the course of the investigation a subpoena was sent to Wells Fargo Bank to obtain the best quality photo of the suspect. The Marianna Police Department is asking the public to help in identifying suspect one depicted in the attached photograph from the banks security camera while she was in the bank with the victim.

If anyone has any information that might help in identifying this suspect please call the Marianna Police Department at 850-526-3125 or Crime Stoppers at 850-526-5000.

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