Woman Arrested For Biting Off Another Woman's Nose During Fight

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By: Kara Duffy
August 19, 2013

Thomas County, GA- It was a bizarre and painful ending to a fight between two women.

One is accused of biting off the other woman's nose and spitting it onto the ground in the backyard of a house along Hannah Street in Boston, Georgia.

Investigators with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office say the two women got into a fight; one pulled out a file and the other, 53-year-old Shirley Dunbar, pulled out a box cutter.

Investigators say Dunbar, however, ultimately decided to take a bite out of the woman's nose instead.

"EMS recovered it, packed it on ice and took it to the hospital along with the victim," said Lt. Tim Watkins, the chief investigator with the Thomas County Sheriff's office. "I'm not sure the status, if it was able to be reattached or not, I do know the victim will end up having to have several plastic surgeries to restore her nose."

Dunbar was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. She has since been released on bond from the Thomas County Jail.

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