Woman Finds Unusual Tablet in Medicine

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By: Andy Alcock

Brenda Roberts says she's been buying the same over the counter antacid medicine for some time.

In March, she purchased the bottle from the Tallahassee Walmart on Mahan Drive.

When the bottle was nearly empty, she found two capsules and what appeared to be another pill she'd never seen in other bottles she'd bought.

"You never know what's going to be in anything anymore," said Roberts. "I was quite concerned," she said.

Brenda brought the pill to the Walmart pharmacy at the store where she bought the bottle.

She says the pharmacist told her to throw it away, a response she thought was inadequate.

"I just think Walmart should have a little more compassion for its customers and be concerned about their welfare," Roberts said.

Only after Brenda shared her concerns with Eyewitness News, Walmart responded by taking the pill to have it checked out.

The product from Doctor Reddy's Laboratory is made in India, then repackaged and shipped in the U.S. under Walmart's in house Equate brand.

A spokesman for Doctor Reddy's tells us the strange pill Brenda found is actually a tablet with no medicinal value used to make the capsules in the bottle.

He says the tablet is part of a broken capsule.

"This is something that could've occurred during shipping," said Dr. Reddy's spokesman Milan Kalawadia. "It's not a common occurrence," he said.

A Walmart spokeswoman tells us the pharmacist didn't follow proper protocol when Brenda brought him the tablet.

She says that protocol includes contacting the manufacturer and taking care of the customer.

"I do understand with our workings with Walmart that they do pride themselves on high quality products and this is a quality product," said Kalawadia.

"I will not be buying any more Equate products at all, no way," said Roberts. "I just don't feel safe in the product any longer," she said.

Kalawadia tells us no harm would've come to Roberts had she swallowed the tablet.

The Walmart spokeswoman says Roberts has been given a refund for her antacid medicine.

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