Woman Pulls Gun After Walmart Refuses $1 Coupon

By: Julie Montanaro

Crawfordville, Fla. - A Crawfordville woman is accused of pulling a gun outside the local Wal Mart in a confrontation over a one dollar coupon.

Deputies ultimately had to tase her to arrest her, and now the woman is facing five felonies.

It happened at the Crawfordville Wal Mart on Friday afternoon.

Deputies say Mary Frances Alday tried to use a one dollar internet coupon and became enraged when an assistant manager told her the store would not accept it.

Deputies say Alday hit the employee with a shopping cart and when the employee escorted her outside and tried to get her tag number, the confrontation took an unexpected turn.

"She went to her vehicle, retrieved a firearm and started waving it at this particular employee and three others that had joined her, so yes, she was waving it at all four of them," said Keith Blackmar, WCSO Spokesman.

The 61 year old is now facing five felonies from aggravated assault to resisting arrest. She remains behind bars without bond.

"That's shocking actually," Al Desue, Shopper, said. "I mean for someone to go that far for a dollar coupon, you know, is actually ludicrous."

"Somebody's out in the parking lot waving a gun? That kind of shows you what the times are like any more," Susan Roberts, Shopper, said. "A dollar's a dollar, but not that bad."

Wakulla County deputies say Alday didn't go quietly either.

Deputies say when they pulled her over soon afterward, she refused to get out of the car and when she did, they say, she struck the deputy and wound up getting tased for it.

A loaded .38 Smith and Wesson was found in the center console.

WCTV reached out to the employees involved, but they weren't allowed to talk with us, and we have not been able to find out whether the incident was caught on Wal Mart's surveillance cameras.

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