Woman Threatens To Burn Deputy's Home Down, Attempts To Locate It

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News Release: Madison County Sheriff's Office

Madison County, Fla. -- County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Wednesday afternoon the 22nd day of January 2014 at approximately 5:00 PM Sheriff’s Office investigators responded the Madison County Building Inspectors Office concerning a Barbara Tyson calling the building inspector and making threats toward him and an Officer employed with the Sheriff’s Office.

Tyson called again while Investigators were present at the Inspectors office and they too heard the threats she made as she further advised that she was en route to burn the deputy’s home and then going to burn the building inspectors home.

While investigators initiated cell phone tracking to locate the position of Tyson, other officers were assigned to the areas of the residences of threat. Deputy O’Brian located Tyson on Seaboard Street in Lee Florida as she was attempting to locate the Deputy’s residence. Tyson was taken into custody as she continued to make threats of bodily harm against a Sheriff’s Office Deputy.

Barbara Tyson was arrested and charged with the following and additional charges are pending:

Barbara Tyson, B/F, DOB: 12/22/1967 of Chicago Ill.
Charged with Attempted Arson

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