Woman Gives Birth to 16 Pound Baby

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Talk about a bundle of joy.A mother in Texas gave birth to a baby boy Friday who weighs more than 16 pounds!

Ten little fingers. Ten little toes. but little Jamichael is anything but little.
they call him moose up here. Michael brown says he's okay with his son's new nickname. Doctor... Told us he was going to be about 12, but when he pulled him out, it was a different story.

Jamichael came into the world with a head full of hair. He weighed in at 16-pounds, 24-inches long with a 17-inch chest. The biggest baby born at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas.

I'm just excited that he's here. Mom Janet tells us this is her 4th child.
her largest weighed in at 8-pounds. That was until this morning when Jamichael arrived after a scheduled cesarean section.

so this is it, no more. Wow, this is really going to be big, all we could see was big cheeks.The nurses are cautiously excited about the newest addition to the maternity ward.

They're trying to get little Jamichael's blood sugar levels up. He's also not breathing on his own, right now. His parents say they're grateful for everyone's prayers and support. Just hoping he'll be healthy.

Dad says he sees football in his son's future.

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