Four Women Rob Driver at Gunpoint

From Top Left (clockwise): Crystal Salter, Asiunique Salter, Terrica Turner, Moniesha Thomas
From Top Left: Crystal Salter, Asiunique Salter, Moniesha Thomas, Terrica Turner

UPDATED January 11, 2013 by Julie Montanaro

Four women are accused of robbing a tanker driver at gunpoint.

The man had stopped to fill tanks at a Tallahassee gas station, when a car full of women stopped to ask directions.

It happened at the BP on the corner of Magnolia and Lafayette just after midnight Thursday.

Tanker driver John Pinkard said he had just finished unloading the unleaded, when a black car pulled up and four women wearing all black got out.

"I had a funny feeling that something wasn't right," Pinkard said.

Pinkard said the women asked directions and then one pulled out a gun.

Pinkard: "She was telling me to give her my wallet, so you know, I didn't really think. I just started telling her no, I'm not going to give it to you. I don't have any money," Pinkard said.

He says tanker drivers carry no cash on board and he just carries enough to buy something to eat.

According to arrest reports, the women ultimately backed off, drove off and were caught by deputies.

Asiunique Salter, Crystal Salter, Moniesha Thomas and Terrica Turner are all charged with robbery with a firearm. Deputies found a loaded 38 special in their car. Court records say Asiunique Salter admitted to pulling the gun.

Customers at the BP couldn't quite believe it.

"It's pretty crazy. I mean it's females, you know? You don't really hear about that stuff," William Allen said.

"Thank God it was women and not some big burly men that you know wouldn't take no for an answer," Mhisha Compere said.

"That could have been a tragic situation, you know, if anything would have broke out or shots would have been fired." Bernard Stevens said.

"If the gun had went off, it could've blown us all up. It could have ignited the fumes. It was just dangerous, but I really wasn't thinking about the fuel then, I was just thinking about the gun," Pinkard said.

The tanker driver says he has no doubt God was standing
with him at that gas station. He actually finished his route that night before heading home to tell his wife.

January 11, 2013 by Julie Montanaro

Four women are accused of trying to rob a tanker driver at gunpoint.

Tallahassee Police reports say the tanker driver stopped to fill up underground tanks at the BP on the corner of Magnolia and Lafayette around 12:55 Thursday morning.

The tanker driver told us a black car pulled up and four women dressed all in black got out of the car.

"I thought this ain't good," John Pinkard said. One of the women started asking for directions to Tennessee Street, he said, and then she pulled out a gun.

The tanker driver says he refused to turn over his wallet. "I don't carry but a few dollars on me," Pinkard said, "just enough to get something to eat."

Pinkard said he was worried the woman would shoot him and the 9-thousand gallon gas tanker behind him.

"If she had shot at me, she could have blown the whole place up," he said.

The women ultimately backed off, Pinkard said, got back in the car and drove away.

Deputies ultimately caught up with the women at the corner of Osceola and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Asiunique Salter, Crystal Salter, Moneisha Thomas and Terrica Turner were all arrested and charged with robbery with a firearm and conspiracy.

Arrest papers say the women admitted their involvement in the robbery and Asiunique Salter admitted to being the one who pulled the gun.

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