Worker Rescued From Roof of FSU Building [SLIDE SHOW]

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By Julie Montanaro
February 22, 2013

A close call this morning for a roofer working atop FSU's new indoor training facilty.

Firefighters say the roofer tripped near the ridge line and fell backwards.

He did not fall off the roof, but he was injured and could not climb back up the metal roof to safety.

Firefighters had to use a construction crane to hoist a backboard and basket five stories high.

Firefighter Jeremy Rogers helped strap the man in and lower him to safety.

"It was probably a 45 degree pitch," Rogers said. "We were attached to ropes that were attached to the building. Once we got to the patient, we went ahead and stayed clipped on and went ahead and attached the patient to the ball and then lowered the patient to the ground, but yes, it was pretty slick."

The roofer was taken to the hospital with a back injury and more. We are trying to get an update on his condition. The Tallahassee Fire Department will not release his name and we have not been able to verify which company he works for.

Michael and the guys at Southway Cranes say they're just grateful they could help and that the lightning held off long enough for them to do it.

Tallahassee, FL - A roofer working on FSU's new indoor training facility slipped over a ridge on the roof and fell backwards.

The structure, already 5 stories tall, is where the roofer tripped, slipped, and fell backwards down the roof.

He injured his back and arm and couldn't get up.

Firefighters were called in and used a construction crane and ropes to get him down.

Jeremy Rogers with the Tallahassee Fire Department reports that the Fire Department got a basket to help lower him down. The worker has been taken to the hospital.

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