World Famous Minister, Joel Osteen, Presents "Night of Hope" in Tallahassee

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Winnie Wright
March 14, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - "What I love about him, he is so down to earth and he speaks in terms in which everyone can understand what he's saying", says Bertha Pogue, of Dothan, AL.

"I'm excited about the music. I'm excited about the company, and I'm just excited to hear his message", says Jennifer Austin, of Tallahassee.

"She wants to see Victoria", says David Ellis, of Central Florida.

It was a packed house Friday night at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center as over 6,300 people from all walks of life... and all over the country came together for a night of worship.

"Well, we are doing our "Night of Hope" and it's a two and a half our event where we try to inspire people and encourage them; life their spirits. And so, we're here to share that with the people of Tallahassee", says Osteen.

Osteen says he and his wife, Victoria, present "Night of Hope" a couple times a month in all 50 states. This is his first time in Tallahassee, and he says he's looking forward to lifting some spirits and spreading the word while he's in town.

"People watch on television, but I think there's a new connection when you get to be with people in person, and so, I just feel like it's a way to strengthen their faith", says Osteen. "It builds us, it encourages us to see the people, so I just think there's a new connection and people see you in a different light when they see you in person."

If you couldn't make tonight's event, Osteen says he can always be found at