Young Money: Finance Talks for Young People

Got somewhere to go? Get a new outfit.

That's Caitlyn Yeaw's motto. The TCC student says, "I'll look for an outfit for what I have to go on, like for the games. I go out and buy different outfits every weekend for different things like my friends' birthday parties and stuff like that."

But, after hearing Todd Romer speak. Yeaw says, "I'll just keep my outfits that I have now."

Romer has a lot of people thinking twice about their spending habits.

He held a "Young Money Live" event at Tallahassee Community College Tuesday. His presentation teaches young people about personal finances.

TCC student Brittany Parker says she needed the financial tips, because the tips she get working as a waitress are easy come, easy go.

"I don't save at all. So, if I'd been saving all this time, I'd have a pretty nice amount saved. But, I don't. I spend it." Parker says.

Romer's first step in achieving wealth is to have an automatic savings plan. He says move money from your checking to savings account every month.

Second: Just say no to spending sometimes, and be aware of what you're spending.

Third: invest in mutual funds.
Fourth: pay yourself second. Romer says it's good to know the importance of giving.

Romer is the founder of Young Money, a bi-monthly publication that specializes in financial information for young adults.

Romer has also given his investing and savings seminar at FSU.

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