Zimmerman's Father Says Trayvon Was the Aggressor

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4/5/12 --Tallahassee, FL

George Zimmerman has kept quiet since he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin back in February 2012...

But Zimmerman's father is now speaking out. Sharing his son's side of the story.

The elder Zimmerman told Fox's Sean Hannity last night that his son was defending himself the night Martin was killed. Reiterating the self-defense claim that his son told police back in February.

But many are still outraged at the handling of the case. In fact, it's fueled the debate over racism in America. With many accusing George Zimmerman of racial profiling and killing an unarmed teen. Yet Zimmerman's father maintains, his son shot in self defense.

"Trayvon came from his left side and asked him did he have a problem. George said no. At that point Trayvon said, "Well you do now," and punched him in the nose. knocked him in the concrete and started beating him."

Robert Zimmerman says people are hiding the truth for their own agendas. The case remains under investigation.

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