Officers Bust an Illegal Gambling Ring: Ten Arrested

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Moultrie, GA - Ten people are now behind bars after a two week investigation led by the Moultrie Police Department reveals illegal gambling at a local internet cafe.

"I talked to the police department and asked a few questions pertaining to the legality of what was going on over there," says Chuck Jennings who works next door to the internet cafe.

Jennings says he works just a few doors down and like clock-work every evening the parking lot would be filled with people going in and out of the internet cafe, but not on Tuesday.

Usually the open sign is on from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., but now the doors are closed indefinitely.

Officers say at about four o'clock Monday afternoon a search warrant was issued. They say among the ten arrested were the cafe's operating manager, Beronica Cedillo and Alma Brown, who police say had just won $700 before they busted in.

Brenda Alderman who also works next door to the cafe says the news isn't surprising.

"It was just a lot of activity going on down there," says Alderman.

Investigators say more than 25 machines were seized and $1,000 was taken from the facility.

They say the investigation is still ongoing and they expect many more arrests will be made.

Officers say those arrested are charged with illegal gambling under a city ordinance. They say they're looking to arrest the operating owner next.

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