Restaurant Where President Obama Visited Cited

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Miami Beach, Florida. (AP) -- The Miami Beach restaurant President
Barack Obama visited before the Florida primary election has been
cited for 26 violations.

A state inspector from the Florida Department of Business &
Professional Regulation found the violations at Jerry's Famous Deli
on Tuesday -- election day. The violations included potentially
hazardous raw and cooked foods kept at improper temperatures,
bare-hand contact of bread by employees and improper hand washing.

Jerry's co-owner Jason Starkman says they will throw away any
contaminated food.

Jerry's is known for its "sky high" sandwiches. Obama and
Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek, who won the party's Senate
nomination on Tuesday, ordered corned beef sandwiches.

The restaurant's manager says business is booming with customers
asking for "the Obama special."

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