Florida Governor Banking on Popularity to Sway Property Tax Vote

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By most accounts, Governor Charlie Crist works a room better than just
about any politician. His approval ratings are astronomical, but he is
betting much of his political capital against powerful foes on a vote to
cut property taxes.
Crist is the lone spokesman for Yes on 1. Lawmakers who put it on the
ballot have stayed in the background or walked away.
The only Democrat elected to a state office quietly opposes the tax
amendment. A spokesman for the Democratic Party says Crist’s credibility is on the line.
“He could be in some trouble, I think,” says Mark Bubriski with the Florida Democratic Party.
Even Republican insiders are willing to admit the governor has staked a
lot of his reputation on what happens Tuesday.
Two politically savvy voters split on what affect the governor will have
on the tax vote. Republican Steve Seibert who worked for Bush, says
Crist didn’t sway him one way or another.
"No. Absolutely. But I respect Crist immensely,” says Attorney Steve Seibert.
Mark Neimeiser lobbies for a union and believes Crist wins no matter the outcome of the vote.
“He’s out there pitching and he keeps pitching and people will like that,” Neimeiser says.
So we asked the governor what he thought.
“I have no idea. I don’t know. But what’s riding on Tuesday is...” Crist says.
And he immediately pitched his pet cause. Win or lose, Wednesday will
come and Crist will still be governor.
Sixty percent of voters have to approve Amendment 1.

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