Barbie Bandits

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One of the so-called ``Barbie Bandits'' says stealing money from a bank was -- quote -- ``a bad idea.''
Ashley Miller testified yesterday in Marietta in the trial of a man accused of organizing the bank heist. She calls it the ``worst decision I ever made.''
Miller also testified that she and the defendant, Michael Darrell Chastang, were romantically involved.
Authorities say Chastang was behind the February 2007 heist and
put Miller and Heather Johnston in touch with the bank teller.
Miller and Johnston made headlines after they were videotaped
wearing sunglasses and laughing as they appeared to steal nearly
$11,000 from a Bank of America in Acworth.
But authorities say what at first looked like a bank robbery turned out to be a theft involving a complicit teller.
They were arrested days later.
Authorities say the four had split the money.
Johnston, Miller and the bank teller, Benny Herman Allen III, have pleaded guilty to theft charges in the case and testified against Chastang.

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