Crist says No to new taxes

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -No new taxes.
The state may be struggling to find the money to pay all its
bills. But Republican Governor Charlie Crist has made it clear
there's one way to deal with falling tax collections that doesn't
interest him.
Crist said ``no new taxes'' when asked Tuesday if the state needs
to consider raising the cigarette tax or finding some other way to
bring in new tax dollars.
His suggestion? Be innovative.
Lawmakers will learn Tuesday afternoon just how much money they have to write the coming year's budget, and the news isn't expected to
be good.
Crist made his budget recommendations earlier this year. Among
his ideas for dealing with dwindling tax collections are dipping
into untapped trust funds normally reserved for specific purposes
and increasing Lottery sales to boost available state money.